Unexpected guest on my balcony

August 19th, 2013         4 comments

This bat proved he isn't defenseless when prone on the ground

The bat settled down once he could hang upside down on an old boardThis Big Brown Bat could make an effort to devour more mosquitoes on my balcony. This is no time for my house guest to be a slacker.

When I dislodged him from his daytime roost on the frame of my doorwall, he belly-flopped onto the old wooden deck and rudely bared his teeth. As if that wasn’t enough to keep me at a distance, he leaped upward from his prone position (above, click it to see his full wingspan) and scared the bejeebers out of me. I’m glad I was out of range. Rabies shots aren’t on my bucket list. I didn’t know bats could do that.Its teeth may be white and beautiful, but I don't want to get too close to them

He brought two guests with him on his visit, blood sucking Bat Bugs! Hope he took them with him when he left since they can bite humans. Horrors of horrors, they are related to Bed Bugs. Before I left him to climb higher on my building so he could swoop into the air after dark, he allowed me photographic priviledges. I have a great photo of him hanging upside down on a special page where you can virtually pet him. Don’t miss it! You might want to share it with friends.


§ 4 Responses to "Unexpected guest on my balcony"

  • Denise says:

    Holy batbugs Batman! Glad you weren’t bit.

  • DougPete says:

    Joyce Schuelke, owner of Wildernest in Brighton, corrected me on the identification of this bat. I said it was a Little Brown Bat, but she says it’s a Big Brown Bat. She knows much more than I do so I’ve revised this post to correct it. Incidentally, this isn’t about the bat’s physical dimensions; it’s the species the name identifies. Big Brown Bats may be smaller than Little Brown Bats in some cases. That’s just to keep us all confused. I’m good at obfuscation. It’s a gift.

  • Wow! That’s quite the experience, and an unusual photo opp! Interesting images for sure. Glad you avoided those teeth and the bugs.

  • INTOWILD says:

    Big brown bats are rarely smaller than little brown bats.

    Your post hinted at a common myth about bats “carrying” rabies while only 1-2% of bats are infected and generally they die within a few days of symptom onset. You also mentioned rabies shots. They are no different than any other vaccine these days – you just get more doses over a period of 21 days. No big deal.

    If you woke me up from my sleeping place and flung me to the ground where I had a hard time taking off, I would show you my teeth too!

    Bats are so beneficial to humans – not scary monsters at all – we need to dispel these myths and prevent unnecessary killing of bat species for our own sake if not for theirs.

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