Whose Calling?

January 27th, 2014         1 comment

The contrast in size between Buda and teh Call Duck is like David and Goliath The little duck seems relaxed around bigger ducks

Well. Well. We have an overnight guest at the Main Street duck’s Sunday night pajama party. I got a call from a Brighton resident the day of our big mid-December storm. She had tiny white ducks at her feeding station downstream from the millpond. A couple weeks later, a millpond visitor told Joyce at the Wildernest store there were three small ducks mixed in with the Main Street flock — two whites and a brown.

Note this Call Duck's long tailLast night was the first time I met one of them, a white Call Duck [see note in comments]. It was lying beside Buda, the biggest duck at the milllpond, so it was quite a contrast (above). It has a longer tail than the other ducks so it looks almost dove-like (right). Call Ducks are the Shih Tzus of duckdom. They are so cute and small (< 1.5 pounds), bet you’d love to carry one in your shoulder bag but, unlike fashionable lapdogs, it would fill it with poop. Call Ducks were selectively bred from Mallard stock in 15th Century Holland. They are noisy birds so, if tied up, they would call in wild ducks to be trapped/shot for market. Now they are bred for pets and show.

Call ducks have cute, short bills and rounded headsThe millpond’s overnight guest has a leg band. It is probably a wayward pet that became disoriented during the snowstorm along with its buddy. The brown duck they have been seen with is our fickle friend, the female Wood Duck, who pops in and out of the millpond when the mood suits her. As spring approaches, it will be interesting to see if these three diminutive ducks continue to stick together and frequent the millpond.


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  • DougPete says:

    Since writing this post, Joyce and Robert at the Wildernest store and I have decided this is NOT a Call Duck. It’s a White Wood Duck. See this post for some preliminary information: http://www.words4it.com/?p=17245 and watch the blog for more information when we discover it.

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