Atlantic Ocean voyages are postponed

January 28th, 2014         1 comment

The culvert bringing water into the Brighton millpond is almost capped

Brighton’s international seaport is temporarily closed. Trips to the Atlantic Ocean will be delayed until further notice. Our maintenance crew of more than 100 ducks can no longer churn enough water to keep the millpond navigable.

Looking in the other direction, the open water has been reduced substantially in the past few daysThe culvert running under Grand River Avenue is almost iced over (above) and the open water has been reduced to one-third (left) of what it was a week ago (photo from the same spot). With temperatures plummeting for the next couple of days, our resident flock may be dry docked. They will survive. Ducks need to drink water, but can live without paddling. They won’t be as happy, but life will go on.

At the Main Street end of the pond, a Brighton resident concerned with the duck’s welfare named Colleen has been diligently breaking up ice by harpooning it with an ice fishing spud she’s borrowed from her father. No, that’s not a potato. I’m sure the ducks appreciate her efforts though they leave the area until she’s done. Ducks spook easily. Their curiosity focuses on answering one question: Remain calm or flee in terror?

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