Dexter in full feather

January 28th, 2014         2 comments

Dexter rises out of the water to shake of dropletsDexter is the Duke of the Buda Bunch. He’s another big, lumbering Rouen. The easiest way to tell the two drakes apart is the small white collar on Dex’s neck. Duke doesn’t have one on his darker neck and chest.

I don’t pay much attention to Dexter because he is calm and remains in the background. That is until I took this shot of him in full drake drag. Wow. His feathers are in perfect shape and the color is as good as it gets for this spring’s mating season.


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  • Hi Doug, I’m just catching up on the past week or so of your posts, which is great fun. Have to comment on this photo of Dexter – absolutely gorgeous! And I like the wood ducks in a later post too – don’t think I’ve ever seen any, though I do think we have them in our region. Hope your extreme cold weather has passed, or if not, that it will soon. We’re about to get what for us constitutes a deep freeze for the next week or so. We’re working on strategies to keep our pots of young lettuces in the (essentially unheated) greenhouse from freezing,,, No ducks at our pond yet, but hopefully they’ll show up in time for Valentine’s Day, as they always do. I hear their voices as they fly by, so I know they’re in the neighbourhood.

  • DougPete says:

    Hi Laurie,
    I’m glad you’re enjoying what I’m posting. Other seasons are a lot more varied than winter since most of the natural world is closed down, but I try to find things of interest.

    The millpond Wood Ducks are not typical of the species. They are usually very skittish around humans. T hese are obviously hand raised. You’re more likely to see them in woodland ponds than on your coastline. They nest in the trees and like the seclusion of the deep woods. In looking at maps, it appears you’re on the northern extreme of their range. Hope you can see them sometime. They really are a treat because of their markings. The drakes look like they’re freshly painted in their spring mating plumage.

    Winter is still in full throttle here. We had 6″ of snow yesterday and the storm you mention will probably slam into us after it toys with you. Good luck with the lettuce! We can’t even think about planting in cold frames until April so you’re much more fortunately than we are.

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