Dumpling is an eager lad

January 29th, 2014         1 comment

Swimming cheek-to-cheek, Dumpling and Bacall date near the millpond

While it appears Dumpling is still infatuated with the lovely, yet noisy, Bacall (above), he keeps his options open by reminding the always flirtatious Mrs PomPom he hasn’t made any rock-solid commitments for this spring’s nesting season (below).

Buddy informs Dumpling he'd better watch his step with Mrs PomPomBuddy, however, sends a clear message via a nip on the neck that Mrs PomPom’s virtue is cherished by the Buda Bunch. Dumpling has not obtained permission to make goo-goo eyes at her. Dumpling has come a long way since cowering in the cemetery after he was dumped in early May (when I thought he was a she because he was so slight).

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