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January 28th, 2014         1 comment

Note the point of feathers on the back of the head and the longish tail

callduck1a_robert_300Rest assured. A growing cadre of duck aficionados monitor the millpond day and night. Reports are filed, surveillance videos taken, and strategies developed to counter any feathered terrorist attack or evil doer stepping into our impenetrable net. Unlike the NSA, we are not authorized to shut down any flyways or conduct body cavity searches.

On Monday, before anyone read my early morning post about the Call Duck’s night with the 19 Main Streeters, four emails arrived announcing its arrival complete with photos and videos. I love it! The photos and video in this post were contributed by Robert Cameron, intrepid staffer at the Wildernest store across the street from the millpond. He is willing and capable of enduring brutal conditions on behalf of birds and beasts of all species regardless of their gender, color or political affiliations.

Video Notes: The new arrival is the small white duck resting in the upper center. At the very beginning of the video, a large brown duck with white wing tips waddles through the scene. That’s Bacall, the one making the incessant racket. She was dumped at the pond last summer along with Bogie probably after neighbors threatened legal action to silence her. The white and tan duck limping is Desi. Maybe his foot fell asleep while he was resting? The large white duck in motion is Buda.

The duck's bill is short and cuteAbout the new arrival: See the point on the back of its head? Both Robert and I question my first judgement. Call ducks have round heads. This bird’s head feathers and tail length are more typical of Wood Ducks. The two transient white ducks are traveling with our resident female woodie. Googling reveals woodies have a natural white color phase although they tend to have short lives in the wild because they’re more visible to predators. Further, some hatcheries are selectively breeding white woodies. Woodies are good fliers. If owners forget to clip wings, off they go.

Know your millpond surveillance team will continue to monitor this issue of international importance.

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  • DougPete says:

    Joyce Schuelke, owner of the Wildernest store agrees with Robert and me. This is not a Call Duck. It’s a White Wood Duck, probably a male. Whether it is a natural mutation or a specially bred hybrid is unknown. Perhaps someone will come forward to claim it and we can find out more about it and the identical bird it often travels with.

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