The UNG celebrates Brighton’s reunion

July 28th, 2014         1 comment

The sculpture titled "Decision Pending" was in a festive mood last weekendMuch to the chagrin of the sculptor, I’m sure, his “Decision Pending” life-size bronze is lovingly and unlovingly known as the “Ugly Naked Guy” (UNG) by the locals. This work of art generates an incredibly high degree of public interaction. Besides being photographed with scores of tourists, he dons costumes for almost every local event from Christmas to children’s birthday parties.

Brighton’s first annual Community Reunion was celebrated a week ago. People who had moved away were encouraged to return to their home turf. The returnees were quick to visit the UNG to have their picture taken with him. One inebriated reveler added flowers and leaves stolen from nearby gardens to the sculpture to mark the occasion, but a fig leaf wasn’t one of them.

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  • Sandy Ongley says:

    The UNG came to being long after I left town in 1967. I love it. Great fun that it creates.

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