Tweaking water lilies

July 30th, 2014         3 comments

While David mans the oars, Doris adjusts the air pressure in the tubes that float the sculpture

The new water lily species that materialized on the Brighton millpond July 7 has been identified. It’s a rare cultivar named Aluminae bogdanus hybridized by Brighton’s own sculptor/painter/photographer David Bogdan whose haunting black and white photography of urban decay graces pages within Issue #95 of Lenswork, an international photography journal.

David and his able assistant, Doris Geyer, arrived in light rain by jon boat to tweak the installation of his three impressive water lily sculptures last night. They repositioned the trio, cleaned off vegetation that accumulated on the flowers from the pond mowing, and adjusted the air pressure of the tubes keeping the brushed aluminum blooms afloat.

The largest water lily measure 5 feet in diameter Doris cleans the flowers so they sparkle in the sun and moon light on the millpond

The sculpture project began while creating a sculptured flower for Art in Bloom, a florist art gallery on Main Street owned by local artist, Tracey Flanigan. Bogdan got permission from city officials to install similar flowers on the pond for summer and fall display. All costs for the sculpture, installation, and maintenance are at the artist’s expense. His hope is the exhibition will generate commissions from people who wish to add sculpture to their own ponds or garden. You can see a sampling of his creative pursuits and contact him through but his talents don’t stop there. He also makes a portion of his income in construction helping homeowners and businesses remodel or build from the ground up.


§ 3 Responses to "Tweaking water lilies"

  • Barb Hoffmann says:

    I love his water lilies. Impressed with his classy work and website!

  • Doris Geyer says:

    It was nice meeting you the other night! What a pleasure to read such a well written article. You are a master of your trade!
    Thanks for your support!

  • DougPete says:

    Thanks, Doris. I’m so glad we met and I’m sure we’ll see each other many times in the future now that the three of us have become acquainted.

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