Dot adds another duckling to her brood

June 11th, 2016         4 comments

Dots band of merry ducklings has grown to tenDot, the hen for 2016 Brood 1, has been taking her two remaining ducklings to the Main Street area to roost for the night. The seven ducklings from 2016 Brood 2 have befriended Dot and her kids so they all travel together. That increases their chances for survival.

Friday night, I noticed the nine ducklings in this combo were joined by a new one. It’s a little smaller than the others so I think it’s younger and is probably the survivor of the two that had been alone for the past 10 days (left).

Meanwhile, Onyx has lost the ninth of her ten ducklings. Last year, she lost all of her ducklings by the fifth day, if I remember correctly. This year, she still has one on its ninth day. She seems attentive so there’s hope her little one will survive to adulthood (below).

2016 Brood 12: Onyx only has one duckling left

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§ 4 Responses to "Dot adds another duckling to her brood"

  • Grace says:

    Is that drake pictured with Dot her mate or one of her brothers? He looks like one of Dazzle’s boys : )

  • DougPete says:

    You’ve asked a question I can’t answer with any certainty. Both Onyx and her sister, Dot, have selected what I believe are the “Bronze Brothers” and they have been with them for more than a year, that’s rare in the duck world. Originally, I thought the bronze brothers were Dazzle’s boys, but I doubt duck will mate with their immediate kind. See this post from May, 2015, which might confuse both of us even more:

  • Grace Koeppen says:

    That sure is confusing! Perhaps ducks can tell if their siblings are half- or full-blooded siblings.

    Doug, it turns out you were right after all about our duck Tipsy. She had hidden her eggs so well in plain view I didn’t realize there were 8 eggs in her nest, till the beginning of June. So I didn’t expect them to hatch for another week at least. However this afternoon we had the privilege and pleasure of watching her 8 little ones jump out from their nesting tube into our pond to join their mom. They are the sweetest little things and Tipsy is a great mom!

    Quakie meanwhile is nesting on about 7 or 8 eggs in our neighbour’s yard, very well hidden under thick vegetation (but I still managed to find her out!) She came to our pond for her bath today and freaked out at the sight of the new duck family – she didn’t stop squawking at them for at least 15 mins! I think she considers the pond her private territory and is upset at the intrusion!

  • DougPete says:

    People fear tiny ducks will be injured when jumping to the ground from nests. They never are. Ducklings bounce because they weigh next to nothing. Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun enjoying both of your duck families. As long as the hens live through their travels during migration in the fall, they will probably return to your neighborhood year after year. It will be something for you to look forward to.

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