Memorial Service

June 27th, 2016         10 comments

I spoke with Doug’s brother last evening by telephone.  He believes he and one of his daughters will be in Brighton on Friday, July 1st.

Doug’s brother made the gift of life on his behalf.  He spoke of having Doug’s remains cremated and conducting a memorial service for him at the Millpond.  We’re checking with city officials.



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  • Melissa says:

    Thanks so much for the update. Sending hugs and prayers to Dougs family. I feel that I have lost a friend with Dougs loss. I am missing this blog.

  • Lisa Sicard says:

    What a wonderful tribute that would be!

  • Bonnie says:

    It sadden me to have lost a wonderful neighbor and friend…his artistic talents always amazed me. My thoughts and prayers go out to all his Family and friends and all of God’s creatures he captured with his eye. He will be truly missed.

  • Stephanie Couch says:

    I learned today of his passing…. I’m heart broken…I was his eyes and ears of this part of the Millpond ( opposite of downtown ) as I’ve worked here for 23 years. Helped him with baby duck rescues and a swan rescue and told him of deceased ducks I’ve found. We chatted a lot on Facebook and really admired him….I will continue with being an advocate of the animals of the pond in his memory…. Stephanie

  • Patty Mortensen says:

    I am completely heartbroken to have lost such a good friend. I have been emailing him to find out where he was and if he was ok. I will miss you always Doug. You passed on my birthday so I will also always remember you.
    I told you often that I loved you and I meant it. You will be missed.

  • Patty Mortensen says:

    I spoke with Scott and Jennifer, friends of Doug, and their children and shared this loss. We all look forward to learning of memorial service information.

  • Kimberly Kalisz says:

    Oh no…so sorry to hear of Doug`s passing… I had many more stories to share with him. I,too, follow thw animals` antics in Brighton and have often come to the rescue of the ducks and swans. I helped save Maggie (whom I had called Phoebe) thru the harsh winter a couple years ago- climbing out on the ice after midnight to pull ice off her wings and built her a huge nest of straw on the iced Millpond. I will never forget his observations…

  • Mary Holliday says:

    Doug regaled all of his listeners with the antics of the critters that inhabited the Millpond. He knew and named all of the ducklings and watched over them, recording their developments. He could quote all of their histories and geniology. Such a loss to the community. My condolences to his family and please keep us informed of a memorial service.

  • AJ says:

    We just took a walk around the Millpond and felt that he was walking with us. His spirit will always be watching over all the critters and his many friends of the Millpond and in the apartments where we live. Please keep us updated on his memorial service. He will forever be in our hearts. <3

  • Sherry says:

    I am receiving this information today and quite delayed and makes me realize how important it is to “stay in touch”. I knew Doug in the 89s and stayed touch through the 90s. I reunited via Facebook last July. I had a graphic thought so my memory was brought back to Doug. We were neighbors in the 80/90. Yes across the hall from the same apartment he has always had. I am of the privleged to have some of his “nature” writing along with illustration.

    Doug was a fabulous neighbor and my boyfriend(at the time) and I loved him. It was Doug that designed the graphic for our first boat “ELUSIVE”. And he watched out beloved cat “Cali Kitty” and salt water tank when we took a trip to caymans.

    While away on said trip, Doug wrote each night when he came in to care for our furry and slippery family. When we returned in the wee hours we found the books on our coffee table full color and bound, and stayed up for hours reading laughing and crying. I truly do not remember laughing so hard since. And because of his loving care my cat sat by the door at 3am every night for a week meowing for the “master” to come back and have their playtime. Cali is since gone (though she lived to 21 long years) but I feel her pain of the loss of the 3am playmate now.

    I found out today while messaging him about a recent photograph shared with me and I wanted his advice. Doug used to show me photographs both his and also in books. He said he liked to watch me look thru them because I noticed things that would often be discarded by others. I have remembered that all these years (and mentioned in my message to him today) and my nights sitting w him and chatting about his art and my meager ability at phography.

    I found myself looking back to our last conversation last July where he sent the blog. And as I read the new posts was first confused. Then denial. Then reality. To thise that we’re a bigger and more recent part of his life, my prayers go out. I am full of funny stories from the 90s that will keep him close to my heart because there is a place reserved there for him. Knowing Doug, who wouldn’t have that space available for him really?

    If there is someone who would contact me. Brother Chuck, maybe I would appreciate that. Thank you to all who found themselves friends to Doug. He deserved many and all he had.

    Sherry Marion

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