This is art not science

Warning: NEVER EVER trust what I write about plants
I’m interested in their photographic possibilities but haven’t studied them in any depth. I find botanical references beyond my comprehension. I use online sources that may be riddled with old wives’ tales and misinformation. I don’t have the time or energy to cross-check and verify information with several sources.

I’ve read 40% of all plants have toxic properties. Don’t touch or ingest plants unless you know more than I do.

You can’t trust what I write about animals either
I’ve been a life-long student of wildlife but my knowledge is shallow and based upon what I observe rather than by what is known to scientists who study them more thoroughly. I’m sure things I state as fact are sometimes fallacy. I’m not an authority. I’m an artist. Don’t take my word for anything.

Doug with turtles and a bluegill

Please leave comments on posts
If you read incorrect statements about plants or animals here, leave a comment so I don’t perpetuate false information from unreliable sources or my own peculiar observations. If you are an authority in subjects I present here, let me know so I can call upon you to check my future posts.

The tag IGPAANATUI means: “I’ve got Photoshop and am not afraid to use it.”

I retouch images. I’m not a purist like a serious photographer. Wildlife and nature photographers are vehement about not altering their images even though they tweak them with reckless abandon. Screw that. I refuse to be bound by conventions or reality. :-)

I tag images with this acronym when I’ve taken serious liberties beyond optimizing colors or sharpness for web use. One exception: I don’t bother to announce when I’ve rebuilt the eyes of critters photographed at night due to “eye shine.” Those glowing eyes distract and look ghoulish so I sometimes touch them up.

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  • Kevin says:

    hey doug cool blog ! I met you last night playin guitar. I really like your photos of the pond with the sky ! . you should do some panoramic shots of it.

  • DougPete says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Kevin! I sure got a kick out of your song, “The Millpond Ducks Ate All of My Bread,” and I hope to see you singing at the pond again soon! If you want to meet some ducks, flag me down and I’ll formally introduce you to a few of the celebri-ducks on the pond.

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