Pop Quiz 10 Answer: At Least Two!

Rusty Railroad Tracks

You really have to look for these two! Click on the above image if you haven’t already viewed the larger image in another window while reading the rest of this page. You can’t see them well in this small version.


Perched on the top of one of the tracks in the foreground is a type of cricket or katydid. I know I’ve identified them in past years, but couldn’t find a definitive answer online as I posted this. It’s about an inch long and easy to see because it’s bright green. This insect is about half the size of the common katydid.


Peering out from under one of the tracks are the shining eyes of something. I can’t tell what. It looks too big to be a mouse. It might be a rat although I’ve never seen one in Brighton. I don’t think they are allowed in our upscale community.  :-)

Note how its eyes point forward. That’s usually a sign of a predator rather than a prey species like a rabbit that has eyes on the sides of its head so it can spot danger in all directions. I also think I see upward pointing ears on this guy but the snout is behind that darned branch. Its face looks round rather than pointed like a rodent’s. It also hints at being brown rather than black so I don’t think it’s a baby skunk. I’ve seen a skunk near the tracks on other nights. It could be a very young raccoon but it’s in an odd place for one. One of Life’s never-to-be-solved mysteries …

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