Buttless Bob finds love

May 14th, 2015     0 comments     permalink

Last year at this time, Buttless Bob had been pecked by the other Mallard drakes and was staying away from the Brighton millpond and his bonded hen to avoid them. It’s a different story this year. Bob is feisty! Last night, I saw him lower his head and charge toward a half dozen drakes to […]

Buttless Bob is back!

December 1st, 2014     0 comments     permalink

After a few months on the lam, Buttless Bob is back at the millpond. He was nice enough to pose with a buddy for this photo that compares his featherless posterior with a fully feathered rump of another Mallard drake. The duo is feeding on microscopic vegetation floating on the surface of the pond. The […]

Poor Buttless Bob: In the gutter

May 4th, 2014     2 comments     permalink

I hadn’t seen Bob in a couple of weeks. In searching for nests yesterday, I stumbled on the lad in an unkempt 12′ X 12′ storm drainage ditch in the middle of the parking lot between St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and the Grand River office building. Alone, he stood next to a curb and gutter […]

Buttless Bob pals with the domestic ducks

February 1st, 2014     0 comments     permalink

I know he’s not buttless. If he was buttless, he’d eventually explode. He’s tailless, but that doesn’t have the same alliterative ring to it. Bob has been hanging out with the domestic ducks near the dam instead of flying up to the north end of the pond at night to be with the rest of the wild […]

Mating stress in drakes

June 17th, 2016     0 comments     permalink

Everyone visiting the Brighton millpond at this time of year finds Mallard hens standing in parking lots or on grass a short distance from the pond. It’s a way for them to avoid the advances of drakes that can be very insistent. Drakes also attack rival drakes. This male was found alone at the north end of […]

The ducks are in loitering mode now

December 16th, 2014     0 comments     permalink

As the ice retreats once again with warmer days, ducks have more room to traverse the pond. The Buda Bunch leisurely paddles (above), but the millpond doesn’t have much to explore now that all of the vegetation is dormant. Ducks spend the winter loitering or sleeping if open water is too scarce for a brisk dunk. Imagine how invigorating […]

Total eclipse for Bob

August 23rd, 2014     0 comments     permalink

Bob is looking good even in his eclipse plumage. While he isn’t as flashy as he is with his fancy green iridescent head and light gray flanks, he still looks healthy and well preened. He doesn’t have tail feathers (and hasn’t for two years now) but maybe he can catch the attention of a hen […]

19 ducks, 1 goose, and lots of flakes

February 18th, 2014     0 comments     permalink

Another night of heavy snow has the ducks at both ends of the Brighton millpond hunkered down. While humans wonder if their sanity will prevail until spring, ducks patiently wait for better times to arrive. They live in the moment and aren’t particularly bothered by brutal conditions. The composite photo shows the same view of the north […]

The Brighton Millpond: Bathtub of Desire

February 7th, 2014     0 comments     permalink

This is a quick course in observing duck behavior, a skill you won’t need to improve your life. :-) Even on a mid-afternoon with a temp in the teens, the ducks are thinking about raising families or at least enjoy trying. Bacall was the apple of the drakes’ eyes Thursday. How she’s captured their hearts […]

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