2016 Brood 14

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2016 Brood 14 has 7 ducklings

2016 Brood 16 was discovered perched on a boulder below the Brighton millpond dam. Some park visitors were concerned the seven 2-day-old ducklings would drown in the rushing water surrounding them. Not a chance. Those little guys are already great swimmers and climbers. They almost hydroplane as they scoot along the surface of the water. You’re welcome to download the top photo and use it as your Cover Image on Facebook. This one is saved at Facebook’s preferred size.

The Mallard hen had the kids on a boulder below the falls With rushing water all around them, the ducklings were in their element

Mom had taken her brood below the falls to avoid the drakes. They are already after her to mate so their prodigy will be added to summer tally of ducklings. So far this year, 82 have hatched and 50% have survived. We’ll get at least another 80 before the season winds down in August if this year follows the norm.

Mom waddled the group along the embankment The ducklings all look like full-blood Mallard


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