Daddy’s Waiting …

July 22nd, 2010     2 comments     permalink

Common Evening Primose

I think this 3′ tall wildflower is the Common Evening Primrose. The sunny yellow 1″ flowers bloom at night so they can be pollinated by moths. The foliage is a preferred food source for many moth caterpillars so it rewards the pollinators with a nice place to lay their eggs. It blooms from mid-summer through fall.

All of you who are afraid of spiders will be relieved to know Daddy Long Legs, like the one perched on this primrose waiting for its next meal to fly in, aren’t spiders at all so you don’t need to fear it! Spiders have two body segments while these guys only have one. They are in an order called Harvestmen that’s related to spiders. Another myth is that they are poisonous. They aren’t. They don’t have any venom at all. They are good critters to have around since they eat spiders and other things that annoy us.

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